MMXIV Fall/Winter Capsule Collection

Vanilla—Love At First Sight Manifesto

“Attraction and repulsion being undeniably the sole properties by which matter is manifested to mind, we are justified in assuming that matter exists only as attraction and repulsion.”(1) Everything we have experienced, the entire universe as we perceive it, is systematically ranked according to these standards. But at the very moment in which something is perfectly balanced between these two forces, awaiting judgement, unclassified, it becomes pure indetermination. Grey.

(1) Edgar Allan Poe

PHOTOGRAPHY: Alberto Raviglione / STYLING: Eleonora Giammello / HAIR & MAKE-UP: Chiara Cima / MODEL: Elisa Fili

The Dictatorship Of Mannerism, Compendium On The Correlation Between Concept And Form.

[...] To make a table it takes the wood, to make the wood it takes the tree, to make the tree it takes a seed, to make the seed it takes a fruit, to make the fruit it takes a flower, to make the flower it takes a branch, to make the branch it takes a tree, to make the tree it takes a wood, to make the wood it takes a hill, to make the hill it takes the ground, to make the ground it takes a flower [...]

Everything Is Derivative | Axiom N°1, Variances Over Analogies.


“We believe in the crossbreeding of conflicting influences and attitudes into something uncertain, inconsistent, paradoxical but still organic, like a mongrel dog. We don't like 'love at first sight' stuff, we want doubt, hesitation. Between Black and White we go for Grey.”

VANILLA—Love At First Sight Manifesto

Vanilla#1—Adjective: unexciting, boring, bland, standard.

Preferring an activity or thing in its basic and unmodified state. Refers to vanilla ice cream. Used when expressing a preference for having something the traditional way.
Synonyms: plain, simple, banal, ordinary, unflavored, neutral, common, generic, conventional, normal.

Vanilla Poster Series, 1—5, Love At First Sight Manifesto

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